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Life is all about learning and finding balance.

We all need to go through difficult times to learn and grow.

We support YOU to be your true YOU,

by offering unique sessions where we work on your conscious and subconscious level.

Mimalis offers online coaching and reiki sessions as a tool to reach your fullest potential in your healing proces to find your true YOU.

Mimalis is a concept of healing that enhances your concept of life.

We all need a helping hand from time to time to get us through some difficult moments and past traumas in life. We help you not only by guiding you with the right tools but also on a subconscious level with Reiki healing to optimise the healing proces. All sessions are personal tailored and vary in number of sessions depending on the need of the person.

Healing the world begins with healing yourself.

Kimberley is a passionate advocate of giving back to others and the positive effects it has on both individuals and their entire communities.

From 2013 she focussed on giving back to underprivileged local communities by starting her own organization in Europe as well as in Bali, Indonesia. It was her mission to create solutions and educational opportunities for local communities and to enable them to help raise powerful future generations. Through Volunteer Programs Forever, she has developed frameworks that contribute to sustainable and long-term growth with full respect and understanding for local cultural heritage and traditions.

How can one help if they need to be helped themselves?

She strongly believes that by healing yourself and finding your meaning in life,

you can make an even bigger difference in this world.

After Covid hit the world, she wanted to make a bigger difference and spread the word of the importance of healing yourself. She strives to empower, inspire and enrich the lives of others to live their life in their fullest potential.

In her 10 years of experience of running the organization, she realized that she spent her time equally helping the underprivileged communities as well as the international volunteers that helped in the schools. 

Kimberley noticed that the majority of the volunteers struggled with the same life issues. This said she decided she wanted to focus more on those individuals to even make a bigger difference.

Start today and make a difference for yourself!

We all need that support, encouragement,

that person that motivates and inspire us

to become your true self.

The key message she wants to bring is: “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

She wants to make a difference and show people how important it is to work on yourself. Why do we spend so much time and effort on our “outside self”? We are so focussed today in having the perfect body, the perfect career, to eat healthy, to have nice clothes etc but why not focus first and foremost on our “inside self”.

Working on yourself is a lifelong commitment, It is a commitment you make towards yourself.

Mimalis is committed to making a difference in the world. We strongly believe in the power of uniting . Mimalis is committed to give back to VP Forever by supporting them through the Forever label. Read more about our Concept of Giving here.