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Handwoven gems made of something special

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Did you know our sun hats and fans are made from ‘lontar’, which are leaves from the palm tree. Balinese priests use ‘lontar’ for their manuscripts and it can be seen all around Bali.
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Mimalis works closely with VP Forever to ensure that all products of the Forever Label are made locally and by people that don’t or hardly have any other source of income. Together we source our materials at local markets, we connect with local craftsmen and women in local villages and we work closely together with all our manufacturers and producers. Everyone who works for or with Mimalis is guaranteed a fair wage, sustainable support and an honest and transparent working relationship.

For you as a customer we feel obliged to share the stories of the people behind your product. Not only as a way to be 100% transparent and open about the way we work and how we support them, but also to involve you in that process and to create that connection with your product that is often missing with mass production products.

Weaving is a skill that has been practiced in Bali for generations.  It is used for fabrics such as traditional ikat weaving, but also for bamboo weaving and handwoven products made out of palm leaves. 

All our palm leaves items are handwoven using an age-old technique that has been used for centuries and comes from an old bamboo using technique. They are all made out of high-quality palm leaves.  The leaves come from the ‘Asian palmyra palm’, which can be found around Bali. Before they are ready to be woven, they need to be dried first. When they are properly dried, they are handwoven by talented artisans and craftsmen and women.

Since every item is handwoven by craftsmen from the Gianyar regency of Bali, Indonesia, no item is the same. They are all evenly unique and made with much love and effort.

But the lontar has a much more special and interesting purpose in Bali, Indonesia. Highly spiritual and important priests make their manuscripts from lontar. This typical way of drawing the lontar palm leaves is a special and ancient way of recording and transmitting different aspects of Bali life such as history, medicines and religion. Most of these come from the sacred Sanskrit Ramayana stories. The drawings and Sanskrit texts are engraved into the leaves with a special knife  and the color is added with burned macadamia nuts and other (secret) ingredients. After applying this, the ink is rubbed into the lines to make the drawings and texts visible on the leaves.

Source picture: educalingo

The lontar is a very important manuscript for many Balinese. Since the old days, they would turn to this literature when in search of a spiritual progression but also with regards to issues in their everyday life, such as cooking or parenting.

Lontar, or ‘palm-leaf manuscripts’, are not only vital for the transmission of knowledge and wisdom, but  rather for the passing down and preservation of traditions. They are the history books of the spiritual island of Bali and very important in preserving the culture and traditions for the Balinese.

Source picture:

Our sun hats and hand fans made of palm leaves are unique and brings you those summer vibes, all the way from Bali. The people who make them are talented and hardworking Balinese who are struggling to survive during the current pandemic. The materials are locally sourced and unique to the country where it is produced. Accessories to cool down during summer and bringing Bali vibes into your homes, even during the winter. We hope you enjoy the products just as much as we do.

The items in our shop are now available for backorder.
Each piece is handmade and woven by the local community.

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