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Mimalis and its Forever Community

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Mimalis is a concept of living that is committed to make a difference in the world. But that is not what makes us different from other brands.
What makes us different is the way we do that.
Mimalis does not just donate a percentage of its sales to a good cause. 
We strongly believe in the power of uniting to reach its goals.

Therefore Mimalis is long term engaged with VP Forever and works very closely with the Forever Community of VP Forever. This all makes our Concept of Giving possible. Read more about that here.

Woodcarver in Bali, Indonesia.
Our local tailor who makes all of the face masks

The engagement and commitment we have with VP Forever goes far beyond donating.
It is about collaborating, uniting and making a real impact.

Mimalis works closely with VP Forever to ensure that all products of the Forever Label are made locally and by people that don’t or hardly have any other source of income.
Together we source our materials at local markets, we connect with local craftsmen and women in rural villages and we work closely together with all our manufacturers and producers. Everyone who works with Mimalis is guaranteed a fair wage, sustainable support and an honest and transparent working relationship.

Besides producing and creating together as part of our collaboration, we go beyond financially supporting or facilitating. We believe that we can only make a real change if we unite.

VP Forever is unique as a nonprofit organization. They believe the most powerful answer to end poverty is uniting people from around the world. They do so through their Forever Community.
Their Forever Community consists of people from every corner of the world and from various backgrounds and cultures. This diversity is its strength because everyone shares one and the same mission: to unite skills, knowledge, and resources to help underprivileged communities.

Mimalis & VP Forever collab.

Mimalis is proudly part of this vibrant and powerful community and together we make the difference for those communities in need.

The Forever Community is part of every fiber of the organization and plays a very big role in the Forever Label as well.  All products of the Forever Label are part of the concept of giving of Mimalis. All the logistics, distribution and deliveries are arranged by volunteers and contributors of the Forever Community of VP Forever who dedicate their time and efforts to distribute all deliveries.

Sales point Ray’s Projects in Delft, The Netherlands.

Our amazing distribution team is one of the driving forces behind the Forever Label.
Besides the powerful collaboration VP Forever has with us, they also work with other businesses that become sales points and are committed and dedicated to sell our products in their venue.

If you are interested to become one of our sales points,
click here for more information.

It is really because of this Forever Community that Mimalis is able to make that real impact. The long term engagement and commitment towards our business collaboration is of such big value to us as a company and to the communities we can support thanks to this collab.

The Forever Community is always growing and Mimalis feels grateful as a company to be one of the grassroots members and to continue to produce and create inspiring products for the Forever label.

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