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Concept Of Healing-sessions overview

We provide single sessions with the option to add on extra reiki sessions. Looking for extra support towards your daily struggles? Then this would be an ideal option for you.

Read more about our single offers.

We provide monthly sessions to work towards your healing journey. Ready to start to change your life around? Then this option would be a great kickstart.

Read more about our monthly offers.

We provide bundle sessions to add on towards your healing whenever you need it. It’s a great way to get that extra support while saving money.

Read more about our bundle offers.

How to start?

Congratulations! You made the first step towards healing and changing your life by looking for help.

To get started with us, you start by booking your free introduction session. This session is important for both of us. It will take up to 30 min. where we get to know you better and help you guide towards a personal healing journey.

This introduction session of 50 Euro will be deducted after you booked your first session with us and is 1 month valid.

Single session

In need for some extra motivation, support or guidance?

A single session can give you that boost you were looking for. All sessions are 1,5 hours and personal tailored to the needs of the client. Besides the coaching we end up each session with reiki healing to ensure a maximum succes. Depending on the needs of the client, the reiki healing can vary in time.

Single session of 1,5 hour: 150 Euro

A lot of our clients opt for extra “reiki healing” to support them in their journey. Besides deep relaxation, reiki can acces healing on the subconscious, nonverbal and energetic level. Reiki assists the client to let go of unwanted energies and negative ways that have kept them confused and stuck in their lives.

Single reiki session 1 hour: 100 Euro

Looking for a more intensive guidance? Check out our monthly and bundle sessions.

A great way to commit yourself while saving money.

“The journey is more important than the outcome. Take it step by step, day by day and you’ll soon see how important it is to focus on the now. The joy and growth lies in the journey not the destination.”



“All inspiration. That’s what I get from the conversations. Just every now and then discussing daily life with its ups and downs helps me to simply stay up and forward or to just take a different look upon situations.
In a down time all I need is a talk with Kimberley and I am ready to stand up again, positive and inspired.”


“What can I say? Words are not enough to describe what the sessions have done for me.
Kimberley is a very driven and emphatic counseler. Thinks along with me, feels with you but certainly also counteract! The tips, advices, her wisdom have been eye-openers for me. Her inspiration and resources helpt me to find healing.
For me? She has made the difficult journey of life, a journey that is more than worth taking.”


“I was very reluctant to book a session with Kimberley because I did not feel that I needed the help. Thanks to my close friend, who has been consulting Kimberley, I finally took the step. I started with a single session and then booked a monthly session. I feel so much better and finally understand my own needs and boundaries I need to set. She made me look in such a different way towards myself and made me realise and understand more the importance of knowing myself. I can truly recommend her and I can say from my own experience that I feel so much happier and look way more positive towards life.

Monthly session

Ready to start changing your life around? Start with our monthly program where you will have weekly guidance with free reiki. Ideal to put you in the right mindset. Sessions are 1 hour long focussing on your wellbeing, with this you receive 1 hour free reiki healing to optimise your personal growth. Looking for something more intense? Then you maybe want to opt for our 6 hours sessions with 2 free reiki healing.

4 hour session and 1 free reiki: 400 Euro

6 hour session and 2 free reiki: 600 Euro

Bundle session

We offer bundle sessions for those who want to continue their personal development. All bundle sessions are valid for a year.

On request we organise Individual/group sessions on location. Please request a quote by mail.

5 Reiki sessions: 350 Euro

5 single sessions 1,5 hour: 500 Euro