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Silver Bali coin necklace for him


All our silver products are handmade by local silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia.
This coin on this necklace has a special meaning in Balinese culture. ‘Pis Bolong’, as the Balinese call it, is used in many traditional ceremonies and is believed to have magical powers.

All products of the Forever Label are part of the concept of giving of Mimalis. The logistics are arranged by volunteers and contributors of the Forever Community of VP Forever who dedicate their time and efforts to deliver your items to you. We deliver worldwide and offer free delivery for orders above €100,-. 

Did you know that the symbols on the coin of the Bali coin necklace stands for the four corners of the wind and symbolize all round protection for those carrying it?
Read all about the mystical powers of the Bali coin here.



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