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The mystical power of our Bali coin necklace

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All our silver products are handmade by local silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia. Mimalis works closely with VP Forever to ensure that all products of the Forever Label are made locally and by people that don’t or hardly have any other source of income. For our silver collection we are working with local silversmiths who are heavily affected by the crisis.

summer essential silver jewellery

The newest addition to our silver jewellery collection is our very special Bali coin necklace. Available for him and her and with a special meaning.

Designing this specific necklace has been a process of working closely with our local Balinese silversmiths. We wanted to design a special item that is related to Bali, the island that is very close to our hearts. At the same time we wanted to design a necklace that fits both men and women, and that can easily be combined with our other items.

The coin on this necklace has a special meaning in Balinese culture. ‘Pis Bolong’, as the Balinese call it, is used in many traditional ceremonies and is believed to have magical powers.

The Bali coin necklace for him and her.

Pis bolong originates from China and in ancient days it was used in Bali as a money transaction tool. The actual meanings of the words are ‘hollow’ (bolong) and ‘money’ (pis), in Balinese language. The shape is always round, like a coin, with a hole in the center. There are written characters on both sides, often Chinese ones but we also find Sanskrit characters, which are related to the Balinese culture. Your Bali coin on our necklace has the latter.

The ‘Pis Bolong’ still has an important function in many Balinese Hindu ceremonies. They are used for offerings for the Gods and ancestors and are used during wedding ceremonies and other important ceremonies in the Balinese rites of life. Beside being used for ceremonies, the Balinese believe that the coin has supernatural or magical powers. Lot of the coins we find in Bali have two sides of Chinese writing. However, the ones that the Balinese believe are very powerful, have Balinese sacred drawings (images of powerful Gods)  and handwriting (Sanskrit characters). This is the one we designed for you.

Bali coin necklace for him and her.
Combine with our silver chain bracelet.

The symbols on our Bali coin necklace stand for the four corners of the wind and symbolize all round protection for those carrying it. Some Balinese even believe the coin makes you more handsome or more successful in business.

We encourage you to wear the necklace with love, and carry it with you wherever you go.
Through this special Bali coin necklace, we want to send some magical Bali vibes your way, especially during times that the island of Bali needs you all even more than ever. Purchasing this necklace means immediate support towards the community in Bali, the local silversmiths and craftsmen and their families.

The Bali coin necklace for her.

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