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Who made your face masks?

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Mimalis works closely with VP Forever to ensure that all products of the Forever Label are made locally and by people that don’t or hardly have any other source of income. Together we source our materials at local markets, we connect with local craftsmen and women in rural villages and we work closely together with all our manufacturers and producers. Everyone who works for or with Mimalis is guaranteed a fair wage, sustainable support and an honest and transparent working relationship.

For you as a customer we feel obliged to share the stories of the people behind your product. Not only as a way to be 100% transparent and open about the way we work and how we support them, but also to involve you in that process and to create that connection with your product that is often missing with mass production products.

Ibu Arik from Bali, Indonesia.

The story of Ibu Arik

All our washable and reusable fabric masks are handmade in Bali by a local community of tailors and seamstresses. Ibu Arik is one of our Balinese tailors. She works at a small atelier from her home. She learned to sew when she was in middle school and she has been a tailor for 15 years now.

Since the pandemic started, Ibu Arik has lost a lot of income. Due to the fact that the local economy has been hit dramatically, people can not order clothes or make new things. This affects Ibu Arik directly as she does not have any other structural sources of income. Like many Balinese, she is a patient and humble woman and a very hard worker. She has a positive mindset and trusts that things will be better in the future for her and her family. Her husband lost his job in tourism so the family is struggling quite a bit to meet ends.

Ibu Arik at work in her local atelier.
Located in Bali, Indonesia.

All the face masks in our collection are handmade by her and her community of tailors in her village area. All fabrics are locally sourced and the bird is embroidered inside the fabric, with the help of another Balinese craftsman.

Mimalis works side by side with VP Forever and whenever the Forever Label is developing new products, we always choose to work with local people instead of doing mass productions with big factories. By working with Ibu Arik, we can support her by providing more job opportunities so she can keep providing for her family.  With the money she earned from making the face masks for Forever Label, she was able to put in money for the school of both her daughters.

Our blue striped face mask.

By purchasing one of our face masks, you provide immediate support to Ibu Arik, to her family and to her fellow tailors who are working with her.
Get yours now!

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